OceanOptics ROV

Remotely Operated Vehicle – ROV Service in Australia

Welcome to OceanOptics ROV where the industries of Shipping, Maritime, Civil Engineering, and Marine Science collide safely efficiently and professionally. OceanOptics Remotely Operated vehicles deliver a safer approach to performing underwater inspections and services through the use of our “ROVs” which enables us to carry out underwater survey’s and inspections safely to provide real time footage, data and Scientific sample collection to our clients in Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane and Darwin.

OceanOptics ROV’ give our clients safer access to so many possibilities which include unlimited operational ‘bottom time,’ cost effective real time inspections of assets and infrastructure at greater depths.

Our ROVs carry high definition cameras, multi-beam sonars, multifunction
manipulator arms and have an assortment of tools and attachments to suit the task required.

OcenOptics Underwater inspections

Underwater Surveys, Inspections and more

OceanOptics ROV’s can be deployed across Australia in any port or waterway in Sydney, Newcastle, Melbourne, Hobart, Perth, Brisbane and Darwin and  are able to complete a variety of tasks as listed below:

  • Ships hull inspections e.g. anodes, propellers, thrusters, keel rudders and ships ballast tank inspections (no dewatering required, no confined space entry required)
  • Commercial slipway inspections, mooring inspections
  • Port inspections and surveys
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Aquaculture fish-pen and fish stock inspection
  • Marina pylon and wharf inspection
  • High risk environment underwater inspections
  • Salvage assistance and recovery of equipment
  • Insurance inspections of sunken vessels and infrastructure
  • Deployment of scientific equipment and sediment, sand and seabed sampling
  • Marine science assistance works and seabed surveys
  • Crime scene investigation
  • Military, Customs security and maritime safety
  • Documentary filming
  • Offshore Platform Support
  • Commercial diving support and subsea construction support
  • Subsea cable and pipe location
  • Hydro dam inspections
  • Civil water storage reservoir or dam inspections, civil works and bridge pylon inspections

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