OceanOptics ROV

OceanOptics Rov

OceanOptics ROV is an Australian owned company. We have a strong passion for marine science and the sustainability of our oceans and estuaries.

After more than 20 years working as marine electrician’s and diver’s, RMC Australia Pty Ltd saw a demand for the use of low impact remotely operated vehicles to carry out detailed underwater inspections, ships and port inspections, water storage inspections and maritime infrastructure inspections.

Our ROV pilots are qualified marine technicians and qualified divers. This knowledge of vessels, infrastructure and the marine environment, above and below the water line, is a great asset to our business.

Servicing Ports & Waterways Australia Wide

Based on the Mid North Coast of NSW Australia we are ideally situated to service our clients’ needs from Tasmania to Darwin and further afield if required.

We have so many more options available to suit your job. Please call +61 408 836 052 or use the contact form on our contact page for further information on your requirements and to help us assist you further.