The Remotely Operated Vehicle

OceanOptics rovThe ROV or LBV is a Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) or Little Benthic Vehicle (LBV) designed and manufactured by “SeaBotix” in San Diego in the USA.

Our ROVs are equipped with 5 Powerful thrusters for increased vertical lift and payload capacity, high-resolution video cameras, and ultra bright LED lighting. It includes depth, heading and temperature sensors viewed easily on the integrated control console on the surface.

Auto depth positioning, heading and trim (speed) are all controlled and viewed via the ICC which includes a 38 cm all weather daylight-readable LCD monitor and operator control unit.

The LBV-300 is a highly stable platform with a wide range of applications capable of working to depths of 300M (1000ft).

The ROV is equipped with a three jaw grabber arm with multiple attachments for grabbing, cutting, recovering and tethering equipment.

Our ROV utilises the SeaBotix industry leading low drag tether and is highly mobile and transportable.

The crystal clear HD footage viewed can also be recorded and provided to our clients on USB as requested.

Other ROV Options can be available upon the Clients request

Provides real time colour correction required under very poor water conditions.

Provides a constant display of height above the sea floor, useful when conducting transect surveys that require consistent altitude or depth.

Provides underwater size estimates with ease – Tilts with primary Camera.

Scanning Sonar – Low Visibility image capture/long range image capture, range to object and object avoidance, 360 degree situational awareness. Multi-beam Sonar – Crisp clear sonar imagery/wide angle field of view, HD Sonar 3D Perception.

Multiple echo ultrasonic digital thickness gauge for measuring metal/ coating thickness and performing a variety of safety checks on different underwater structures.

Provides environmental water quality monitoring and testing.

Provides a means of carrying out underwater cathodic protection potential measurements.