Shipping and ports

Ports & Infrastructure

OceanOptics ROVs are utilised within Australia’s Ports Authority industry especially in Sydney, Newcastle, Brisbane, Darwin, Adelaide, Melbourne and Hobart. Port Underwater Inspections Utilising our ROVs is the safest and most effective means of inspecting a port’s underwater infrastructure and vessels.…

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Ship Hull Inspections

OceanOptics ROV technology and shipping experience enables us to efficiently inspect ship hulls without the need to dry dock or slip the vessel. Our ROVs can provide instantaneous HD footage via the ROV’s cameras to the pilots Integrated Control Console…

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Aquatic Research

OceanOptics ROV units can quickly, efficiently and safely be deployed to reach depths not easily achievable for commercial divers. Our ROVs have unlimited bottom time, utilising our sensors, cameras and high intensity LED lighting systems to assist with the deployment,…

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Aquaculture & Fish Farming

Our ROVs are also used within the aquaculture industry for inspection on fish farm infrastructure and net integrity against predators and seal attacks. This will help with minimising lost stock along with monitoring the health of the fish stock. HD…

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Marine Science & Monitoring

The OceanOptics team takes a personal interest in the preservation of our sensitive marine environment. Our passion of being in and around the ocean has led us down this path, to help and assist the relevant departments monitor and reduce…

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Water Storage & Hydro Electricity

OceanOptics ROV are not only equipped to safely monitor and inspect the marine environment, we can also carry out HD inspections, surveys, sample collection and collate footage for our clients within the fresh water supply industry. Some inspections have already…

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