Ship Hull Inspections

ship hull inspections with rovOceanOptics ROV technology and shipping experience enables us to efficiently inspect ship hulls without the need to dry dock or slip the vessel. Our ROVs can provide instantaneous HD footage via the ROV’s cameras to the pilots Integrated Control Console (ICC) on deck. Unlike the commercial diver, our ROVs have unlimited bottom time and is less effected by current and surge.

Utilising the ROVs also eliminates the work health and safety (WH&S) issues that can occur to personnel inspecting hulls and infrastructure in busy ports and terminals.

The ROV can hold position on a target allowing the pilot, surveyor, assessor or client to carry out real time detailed inspections at points of interest. Rudder stock, anodes, propellers and hull inspections can all be carried out safely and efficiently while the ship lies at dock or at anchor without the use of commercial divers.

ROV footage can also be recorded to provide documentation to our client or experts at the time of inspection for insurance or repair work that may need to be carried out.